At The MozCon 2024 conference, Moz has announced a variety of AI-driven features and product updates that are aimed to help SEO professionals in the new and evolving world of SEO.

New Feature and Tools

In the conference, Moz announced a new and more updated version of STAT that is aimed to improve the SERP tracking solution, along with several other improvements in the Moz Pro interface.

In an interview with Search Engine Journal, Willow Mack, SVP of Moz Enterprise, spoke on how the new interface will help users. “When looking at our user interfaces, we wanted to be very thoughtful in what we’re doing and not just make it prettier. This isn’t just about making things look better, but about increasing the usability,” said Willow Mack.

“Our intention is to decrease the time and effort it takes to become an expert in the tool,” Mack added.

“The search landscape has seen more turbulence this last year than at almost any point in Moz’s 20-year history. Our goal is to help our customers face that head-on,” said Ethan Hays, Moz’s General Manager, on the changes that took place in search engines over the past year.

Moz AI

One of the biggest highlights of the conference was Moz AI. A new set of tools that are created to help SEO professionals streamline their workflow.

There are three new features added into the Moz Pro dashboard:

  • Search Intent in Keyword Suggestions: Uses a two-layer process with an ML classification model and a rules-based model to understand where a searcher is in their journey.
  • Domain Search Theme: Provides a dynamically generated sense of how Google views a site using language models across the site’s Google rankings.
  • Domain Keyword Topics in Domain Overview: Buckets a site’s ranking keywords into up to five topics for quick competitive insights.

“We’re looking at AI by taking a thoughtful approach to it. We’re learning what this will look like for us in the industry and for SEOs,” Mack explained.

The new Moz API plans start at just $5 per month. So that it is accessible by everyone and can be used to make the job easier.

“We’re super excited about being able to go to market with an affordable API plan because we know that data is the core of what we do,” Mack said.

AI Risks

Moz also responded to the AI challenges and how it can be tackled. The company said that they are mindful of the amount of AI-driven content and aims to be responsible citizens of both the internet and the Google ecosystem. 

Moz’s goal is to help SEO professionals create useful and impactful content that helps the end users and protect its users from ever evolving Google policies around AI-generated content and the potential risks of scaled content abuse.