Brave Search has recently unveiled its privacy-preserving image and video search results, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards independence from major companies like Microsoft and Google.

“Users will no longer need to leave Brave Search for image and video search results. Now, any Brave Search query can be served directly from Brave’s index, enabling users to benefit from a fully independent search engine that protects their privacy and is censorship-resistant.”

Brave Announcement

The decision to remove the usage of Bing’s API for image and video results in May was a strategic move to develop an in-house solution. Though Brave temporarily allowed users to redirect to Bing or Google during the transition, the company acknowledges that it was not well-received by all users.

Independence in image search matters as it ensures greater privacy and anonymity for users, a core value that aligns with Brave’s ethos. By offering a private and anonymous image search capability, Brave strengthens its position as an independent search engine.

“Whether it’s a matter of personal safety or personal preference, users should be able to discover content without their search engine reporting and profiling those results to a Big Tech company.”

Brave Announcement

Censorship resistance is another advantage of self-reliance, as exemplified by a 2019 incident where Bing blocked image results related to the Tiananmen Square protests. While Brave acknowledges its image search is still evolving compared to other search engines, it emphasizes the importance of independence at this stage.

“By serving image/video results directly from Brave Search’s independent index, we can ensure a better check on Big Tech censorship and put our users in charge of their browsing experience.”

Brave Announcement

Since its beta launch in early 2021, Brave Search has evolved into a privacy-focused alternative to dominant search engines like Google and Bing. Supported by its browser, Brave, which blocks online tracking by default, Brave Search is poised to redefine the landscape of search engines with its commitment to user privacy and independence.